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   The research team for steel and lightweight structures (SLS) in Tongji University has five faculty members now and they are Dr. Yiyi Chen (Professor), Dr. Lewei Tong (Professor), Dr. Xianzhong Zhao (Professor), Dr. Wei Wang (Associate Professor) and Dr. Feng Zhou (Assosiate Professor).
   The undergraduate courses offered by SLS team are Basic Principle of Steel Structures, Design for Building Steel Structures (in English), An Introduction to Civil Engineering (both in Chinese and in English), Seismic Analysis and Design of Building Structures and Academic English for Civil Engineering. The graduated program courses offered by SLS team are Advanced Theory of Steel Structures, Lightweight Steel Structure Design and Steel Tubular Structures.
   The main research area of SLS team covers lightweight steel structures; structural behavior of steel connections; steel-concrete composite structures; fundamental theory of seismic analysis and design, instability and fatigue of steel structures; theory and technology of construction control on non-rigid steel structures; and theory and methodology of generated structure design et.al..
   The SLS team devotes much effort on experimental research of steel structures and the application of new developments of theory and technology to engineering practice. In recent decade, the SLS team has completed more than 50 research projects which include the projects supported by the State or Provincial Nature Science Foundation, and the key technology research serving for the national or local ‘landmark’ architectures. As typical examples, the following famous building structures are in the list: Shanghai Stadium (steel tubular structure with 76m cantilever), Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 1 and 2 (the first large-span Beam String Structure and the first structure which extensively adopts machinery orientated universal bearings as its structural joints in China), Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing Olympic Laoshan Velodrome (these four structures are the ones which firstly adopted huge welded steel-casting joints in China), Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Terminal (large-span wave-shaped truss structure), Main Stadium of Nanjing Olympic Sports Center (latticed arch construction with span over 300m), Shanghai International Financial Center with height near 500 meters (the highest building till 2009 in China), CCTV New Headquarter Building (special-shaped SRC Structure with great ratio of encased steel), Main Stadium of Beijing Olympic Sport Center famous by the nickname ‘Bird Nest’ (steel warped rectangular hollow section tubular structure), Main Stadium of Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center (Camera shutter type retractable roof structure) and Guangzhou New TV Tower (the highest tower under construction in the World). The SLS team designed a number of large steel structures such as Nantong Stadium completed in 2006, which is the largest curve-shaped retractable space structure in China).
   SLS team is active in academic exchange with international and domestic colleagues. The faculties of SLS studied and/or worked in The University of Tokyo (Japan), Monash University and University of New South Wales (Australia), Cambridge University (U.K.), Trento University (Italy), Georgia Institute of Technology (U.S.A), and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong). And the team is keeping close relation with these institutions. More oversea scholars also often visit the SLS team and the international collaboration becomes more and more. The team sent graduate students to go abroad universities and enterprises for exchange study to accumulate international experience, and accept oversea graduated students.
   Up to December 2009, there were 20 Ph.D students, 22 Master degree students and 3 post-doctoral fellows in the SLS team. Some alumni from the SLS team have been studying in the international universities such as in U.S.A., Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong for their post-graduate programs. Most alumni from the SLS team have been working in the local universities, key architecture & structure design institutes and famous construction enterprises.
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